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Why We’ve Launched a Creative Marketing Agency in 2023

I know… It seems like the last thing the world needs is one more company that specializes in making cool videos.

The regular phenomenon of young videographers floating in from the darkness with gimbals and Supreme fanny packs, only to eventually bust out a tiny camera drone and fly it over random objects is some sort of “new normal” for our biosphere.  The barrier to entry for content creation has been dramatically lowered and has created one of the most saturated industries on the planet.

Why Tesla's Model 3 Appeals to Millennials

Video production is still sometimes perceived by marketing teams as a nice-to-have luxury asset… A risky allocation of marketing budget that is, at best, unlikely to produce a worthwhile effect and at worst, going to be a complete waste of time and money.

Ten years ago, video creation was an optional, yet effective luxury item that truly did set your company apart from the competition.

Now, it is an expectation.

In 2022, video is the expected form of information consumption. If your brand doesn’t provide it, your prospective customers will instantly abandon your website or social page and look elsewhere for the information they seek…until they eventually find it. And whoever gives it to them, has the best chance of winning the business.

People are comfortable doing their own research about stuff these days. Watching videos is preferable compared to reading words or infographics, by a LONG shot.

…and they DO NOT want to talk to you or your salesperson until they have done some of their own research *first*.

So how do you set yourself apart, instead of merely offering what the market expects?

pre·ci·sion /prəˈsiZHən/ -noun-

Precision - Ancient Aliens - Crazy History Channel Guy | Make a Meme

The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.

Are you being PRECISE with your communication with your clients? Are you honestly and accurately conveying the intended feelings or beliefs that you want your customers to receive? Video is simply the most effective way to communicate complex ideas at a large scale… that is, until we are all plugged into the Matrix through a USB port in the back of our neck. But until then, video occupies a vital role.

The single reason why great films with 100 million dollar budgets are considered “great” is pretty simple. The film effectively makes you feel the precise feelings that the filmmaker intended, by making the audience BELIEVE (even for a second) that what they are watching is real. Documentaries on Netflix regularly result in thousands of people donating money to GoFundMe campaigns for the victims in the film because of how the documentary made the audience feel.

Effective communication leads to new beliefs, which leads to new feelings.

Only great movies are capable of making a grown-ass man cry. Shitty movies don’t make you cry, they don’t make you feel ANYTHING… because they don’t make you believe. Shitty marketing content doesn’t make you buy.

If you BELIEVE that your company offers a valuable product or service, it is probably the result of a (perhaps complex) web of reasons that support that belief.

If the video content you are publishing doesn’t PRECISELY and EFFECTIVELY communicate these reasons to your prospective customers (which lead to a change in belief), then you are leaving money on the table.

A good video production company doesn’t simply have hard-working and talented visual artists with cool equipment (I wish), it also makes sure that every production accomplishes its intended goal:

Precise and effective communication that changes the beliefs and feelings of your audience.

Here is our latest reel, where we affect precision and effectiveness as subject matter experts in production and marketing to create stand-out content that sits above the rest. Similar to comparing local car commercials to national ads, take a look at how we can make your content stand-out:

[vc_video link=’’]

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